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JP 03-2: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

Yokoso Japan!

Is our friend Alex Brooke right when he wonders if Japanese women, in general, are complicit in their oppression (in our eyes at least), because they have so much to gain from it? We’d love to hear what you think, especially if you are a Japanese woman who grew up in Japan!

Quick Notes from the Show

  • housewives spending their time drinking tea, taking holidays, learning English
  • and thank goodness that they do!
  • life seems fine for them
  • don’t you think there’s more to life than that?
  • don’t you want your life to be about more than that?
  • in England, single mother gets society’s crappy jobs
  • trying to balance obligation
  • in the West, it’s easy to see other countries in terms of our own agenda
  • in some cases it’s oppression, in some cases its roles
  • does equality mean ‘the same’?
  • but people are not the same
  • to say that everything has to be exactly the same is another form of oppression
  • the opportunities should be the same
  • what you do with them is the point
  • access to equal opportunity is the point
  • Terri talks about a former student, an older lady who rocks, runs her own business, powerful person
  • Karamoon says she’s probably a gangster moll – don’t know – don’t ask
  • she travels, she wants to see how other people live and appreciates how she lives and can articulate it
  • re: male-dominated society – think in terms of Maslow
  • self-actualization is the top of the pyramid
  • it’s an internal decision what self-actualization means to you
  • if it’s society that stops you that’s one thing
  • if canasta is enough for you, fine
  • but it ought to be a choice, not imposed by danson-johi
  • suppose the wife doesn’t want the wallet
  • ‘this is the way things are done’ is just not right
  • deeply philosophical discussion of the nature of choice
  • in America, the media controls society; England, too
  • of course there are many Japanese women we know who do not fit this norm
  • because the male salary is designed to support a family
  • a woman living alone is going to struggle
  • if I’m doing as good a job as this guy, it’s paternalistic corporations that stop me from making the same amount of money
  • Japan is also age-dominated, your salary goes up as you get older
  • women who leave to start families get off the track
  • but if I come back into the workforce…but it’s the same for men as well, you’re back at the bottom
  • one reason why Japanese young people are reluctant to study abroad
  • they come back, unrecognized, and you’re now older
  • companies here need fresh people with no minds of their own
  • if the Japanese government is complaining about lack of babies, lack of entrepreneurial culture, then there’s something wrong within the base assumptions of the culture
  • it’s easy to see as an outsider
  • pure meritocracy may not be right, either
  • that could leave people out on the street
  • what would Japan look like if the johi was female?
  • England has become a female-dominated society
  • there’s positive discrimination
  • women-only shortlists
  • and there’s the Queen
  • and a half-woman as a Prime Minister…

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