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JP 08-1-Trendy-Gals-Gyaruギャル

The image of Japanese schoolgirls hanging out in Shibuya and shopping at Ichi-Maru-Kyu has become the symbol of modern day Japan, but how much do you know about the many intricacies of Gyaru culture? Do you understand their street slang, their secret codes and their hair???

Gaby from The Get Go Tokyo blog has been involved UK Gyaru culture since the early days, and is widely considered to be one of the biggest of the “big dogs”. She very kindly agreed to give us an interview.

We’ve split the interview into three parts, the second two of which will follow later this week. In 2011 we’ll be recording more interviews with the lovely Gaby so tell your friends, enemies and pets.

We strongly recommend you check out Gaby’s great blog:


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