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JP 10-1 English Conversation Schools- 英会話

Japan is full of English conversations schools. Some are almost good, many are very bad. Recent research shows that 99.9999999% of native English speakers in Japan end up teaching English at some point. In this 2-part episode we talk about what it’s really like to teach English in Japan, and why it can be the best choice for so many westerners here. Part 2 will follow shortly.


2 Responses to “JP 10-1 English Conversation Schools- 英会話”

  1. David says:

    im japanese myself
    We don’t need to learn English

  2. Lin WaiLin says:

    These are interesting topics, interesting people to interview. However, the interviewer really needs to allow the interviewee to speak. I know what they say is interesting,humorous, you may agree, you may digress…but for the love of god, pleaaase let them finish a senetence- it would be so much easier for us as the listeners to hear what we think is interesting- what the interviewee has to say. Is that not the point? Who you are interviewing? There is no need to interject with buoyant laughter and the “right, right”‘s. This makes these pod casts really distracting from the point and robs the interview from a round perspective. Please allow them to explain everything as if you are completely ignorant and then formulate the next question based on what you have heard from the previous answer…that would provide a fuller interview experience and much more fair for who you are interviewing and the listeners!