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Top 3 Japan Podcast Episodes

Japan Podcast is a discussion of Japanese culture and daily life in Japan. Here are the 3 most popular episodes: ... read more

You Can “Read Japanese Today”!

If you could read some useful Japanese after just 5 minutes, it would be great, wouldn’t it? Well, there’s a simple book called Read Japanese Today: The Easy Way to Learn 400 Practical Kanji that teaches you to read the most common Japanese characters in just a few minutes. It’s about 20 dollars but if you click on the picture below you can get it from Amazon now for only $13.68, saving... read more

Japan Podcast on iTunes

Japan Podcast explores daily life and culture in Japan. Subscribe today and you can have all the episodes download automatically to your iPod. Subscribe to Japan Podcast on iTunes by clicking here: iTunes – Japan Podcast. read more

Japanese Textbook Reviews

If you are learning Japanese without a teacher it’s really important to choose the best Japanese textbooks. Great Japanese textbooks can inspire you, motivate you and teach you eveything you need to read, write, speak and understand Japanese. You can read reviews of Japanese textbooks at... read more

JP 12 Pachinko, Japan’s Most Popular Passtime パチンコ

In episode 12 we discuss Pachinko, a form of gambling using a pinball-like machine. It is Japan’s most popular passtime Although gambling is essentially illegal in Japan Pachinko parlors are everywhere. It’s amazing what a crude legal loophole can do if you bribe enough cops. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (17.2MB) read more

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