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JP 03-3: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

Well, this is the final show of this 3-parter. Although I think we’ll be exploring danson-johi in future shows, both in the context of other elements of Japanese culture, and perhaps a second round for the concept itself. Would love to hear from folks in the comments: of course, we are not claiming to be the last word on any of this. We are sharing our parts of the puzzle, and we’re very happy... read more

JP 03-2: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

Is our friend Alex Brooke right when he wonders if Japanese women, in general, are complicit in their oppression (in our eyes at least), because they have so much to gain from it? We’d love to hear what you think, especially if you are a Japanese woman who grew up in Japan! Quick Notes from the Show housewives spending their time drinking tea, taking holidays, learning English and thank goodness... read more

JP 03-1: Male-dominated Society-Danson-johi-男尊女卑

What is the intrinsic worth of a male vs a female? In Japan’s male-dominated society, guys can, if they are not particularly enlightened, have life much easier than women. Living here for many years, we bring our Western point of view to the issue. So, as with any human society, it’s…complicated. This is part 1 of a 3 part conversation. Quick Notes from the Show a phrase that explains... read more