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JP 04-3: A Meal in a Box – Bento-弁当 (Obento-お弁当)

In this last installment of this Bento show, we talk about immigration affecting Japan’s food habits, living longer by eating a more traditional Japanese diet, living well as you get older, making obento, little kids in Western countries with their obento, the incomparable Giant Robot, and more. how will immigration change Japan’s food habits traditionally the people who’ve lived longest... read more

JP 04-2: A Meal in a Box – Bento-弁当 (Obento-お弁当)

We continue our conversation about bento, eating culture in Japan, England and the US, multitasking while eating, obesity, and more. you do have to be more considerate of people’s space the makeup thing is a strange sort of sexism, perhaps? the manners poster campaign is aimed at high school girls with ginormous stylist bags not the regular person it’s not a rule, it’s a suggestion:... read more

JP 04-1: A Meal in a Box – Bento-弁当 (Obento-お弁当)

Thanks for being patient, listeners! Personally, I like bento with things like sukiyaki (sliced thin beef with a sweet sauce), an absence of spaghetti, and exciting rice (not just white rice). but that’s just me. isn’t it odd that Karamoon and I didn’t even talk about our favorites in this show? stay tuned for part 2. enjoy! just like a Japanese letter or email, in this one we begin... read more