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I love music! Almost any kind of music…

I love music, just as long as it’s groovin’…what’s that? oh, oh sorry. I was channeling the O’Jays. But, I do love music, although I don’t listen to it very much these days. And I love to make music: just sitting and playing with loops and my voice can be such a stress reliever. And at the end, I have a little track to share. So I made our first little track to go with... read more

Podcasting on Japanese culture, language and daily life

There are many Japan-related podcasts, so why are we just about to launch a new podcast discussing what it’s like to be living in Japan? One reason is that we will be discussing topics that are often ignored or only mentioned in passing by other Japan-related podcasts. Another reason is that worldwide interest in Japan is rapidly increasing. This is probably due to the international popularity of... read more

Days, not weeks

my esteemed colleague, Karamoon, knows how to get people moving! yes, JapanPodcast will launch in days, not weeks. we’ve actually recorded quite a few shows, and now it’s time to prepare them. so let me get back to... read more

It’s Coming…

The Japan Podcast is almost here. In just a few days (or weeks) we will be releasing the first episode of the Japan Podcast, Terri and Karamoon’s podcast dealing with Japanese culture and daily life from a Western point of view. read more